Throw ‘Em Out in ’24 – Vengeance for Voters

(Day 1 site notes)

We Have Demands

  • American will not tolerate our great Nation being held hostage by petty politicians of both parties. Schemer et al threatening Social Security, retirement for our deserving defenders of Freedom?  No f**king way.  Out!  Fired in ’24.
  • We renounced government control and expansion outside Constitutionally proscribed bounds.  There’s no Fed in the Constitution.  Bail out the Rich?  Hell no.  Fired in ’24!
  • We demand a balanced budget including:
    • The cessation of deficit financing on a phased-out basis.
    • Equality of taxes at a single percentage rate above an agreed upon income threshold.
    • A single rate – for all payers – income tax.
    • Restoration of Constitutional adherence to Equality and an immediate end of discriminatory, divisive “equity” schemes.
    • Focus on Education.
    • Security of computer network infrastructure including:
      • Declaring hacking a felony.
      • Declaring sale of stolen data on the dark web as elsewhere as a felony.
      • Declaring use of the internet to promote sexual preference/change to children 16 and under a felony.
      • Banning unlicensed use of “bots” and “scripts” of any sort on social and news sites.

We also demand:

  • That the FTC develop and implement a “campaign audit and performance” system to ensure that once elected, public officials exhibit honest fealty toward voters.  Including mid-term removals from office for non-compliance
  • Full disclosure (real-time) reporting of all financial affairs of families of all federal office holders.

Click here to submit additional reasonable ideas while this site is formulated. (-thank you!)

Lots of work to do at our end:

We envision “Citizen position papers” on major topics.  New commentary on some of the most egregious defamers of American principles. And we’ll never sell you anything (OK, maybe a bumper sticker down the road). But no signing up for emails or partisan bullshit.  We’ve had enough, don’tcha think?

This page/site is a public service of George Ure’s and websites. Feel free to contribute citizen position papers. Email:

Which is a nonpartisan future-directed website where the hypocrisy and immortality of present times & finance is the focus.

Check back in a week – and tell your friends.

Thank you.  And God Bless the United States and we hope we can still save it.